Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fiddler - Simulate Modem Speeds

There is an easy trick in Fiddler to simulate modem speeds. You can go to Rules->Performance->Simulate Modem Speeds to enable it.
It can also be customized by going to Rules->Customize Rules
This will open CustomRules.js where you will find
if (m_SimulateModem) {
            // Delay sends by 300ms per KB uploaded.
            oSession["request-trickle-delay"] = "300";
            // Delay receives by 150ms per KB downloaded.
            oSession["response-trickle-delay"] = "150";
The values for request-trickle-delay and response-trickle-delay can be modified as per your need.

Now make a request in browser to experience the delay

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