Thursday, July 19, 2012

TFS 2010 - How to fix the issue with automated tests getting aborted in Test Manager

I had been running all my tests for a long time using Build-Deploy-Test workflow (

Suddenly one day, the test runs started getting aborted and there was no specific log which pointed to the root cause.

To find the root cause, I ran all the tests locally from Visual Studio and tried to publish the results against a build from the Test Results window.

The publish failed with the error:
Failed Invalid character in Assert.AreEqual failed. Expected:xxx Actual:yyy

The problem was that xxx and yyy had some invalid characters which was causing the publish to fail. I fixed the test by comparing expected and actual and doing Assert.Fail() if they didn't match. Thus, the invalid characters were not logged to console and the publish started to succeed.

Problem solved and the test runs started getting completed.

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