Saturday, June 18, 2011

TFS 2010 Test Controller - Disk runs out of space

You must have observed that the disk on test controller runs out of space pretty fast. This is because of the files being stored in localappdata%\VSEQT\QTController\TestRunStorage which never get deleted. There are two options:

Add a key ControllerJobSpooling in \Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\QTController.exe.config and set its value to false. Then restart the test controller service.
Also refer

Create a batch file with this command:
rmdir /s /q "C:\Users\<serviceaccount>\AppData\Local\VSEQT\QTController"
Then create a scheduled task which calls this batch file at regular intervals.


  1. Yes, you can schedule or program an auto allocation once a test controller runs out space. Some program auto-deletion of old storage to make way.

  2. Can the Test controller run as a service on a virtual machine? as long as I do not need a test agent also run on the same machine? I have automated CUIT tests that would require only test agents to be physical machines for interactive test runs, right?

  3. Does ControllerJobSpooling frees all the space from C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VSEQT\QTController, or only from TestRunStorage?
    If only from TestRunStorage, do you know how can I stop the controller from storing all of the other folders (these folders with a GUID name that it creates for each run)?

    Thank in advance...

  4. Arnon, did you ever figure out the answer to this?