Monday, March 7, 2011

TFS 2010 Build- Running unit tests with code coverage enabled on signed assemblies

For signed assemblies, running unit tests with code coverage enabled requires the key file (*.snk, *.pfx) to be specified in the "Code Coverage Detail" tab in the testsettings.

This works fine when you run the tests locally in Visual Stuio. The problem occurs when you try to use this testsettings in the TFS Build. The specified path of the key file is absolute rather than relative. Hence the key file isnt found during the build.

The solution to the problem is:
Suppose your solution directory is C:\TestSolution and your key file is present at C:\TestSolution\TestProject\Key.snk
Open the testsetting in notepad and instead of specifying the full key path, specify TestProject\Key.snk

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